Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry Plant


65 days | Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry is by far the most delicious ground cherry I’ve eaten. Fruit is about 1/2 to 3/4″ and wrapped in a papery husk. Very sweet with just a bit of tartness depending on the ripeness when you pick. Ground cherries have a high pectin content making them great additions to preserves.



Ground Cherries are open branched plants that kind of half sprawl. This variety, in my experience, grows about 2 feet tall by 2-3ft wide in part sun. I plant them around garden boarders so I can easily pick the husks once they fall from the plant.

To harvest ground cherries, wait until the husk falls from the plant and pick them from the ground. But you could have guessed that. They will be at their sweetest then. If you harvest sooner than that, they will be more tart, which some prefer. Don’t be afraid to try them at different levels of ripeness. Although I don’t recommend eating them green.

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