Borage, with its almost iridescent blue blossoms is stunning in the garden. I readily cut stems of this for vases in the house once it begins blooming. The more you trim it, like many garden flowers, the bushier the plant becomes. Give this one plenty of space, 18″ all around, or plant at the edge of the garden. Attracts multitudes of pollinators. Leaves and flowers are edible and often used to make cooling drinks. Flowers make a great garnish. Can also be used medicinally. You won’t regret this one as it really adds to the romance of the garden.

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So many plants in the garden can be used as teas, garnishes, and medicinally. Not only do they benefit your body, they also greatly benefit the ecosystem of your garden.

If you aren’t planting flowers and herbs in your garden, you simply must start doing so. Bees, wasps, butterflies and multitudes of other beneficial insects cover our garden all summer long. They don’t bother us and we don’t bother them. In fact, I’ve found such great joy in watching God’s creation do the work it was created to do. That would be enough reason for me to plant them, even if I didn’t use them in the kitchen or as cut flowers around the house.

Please do your own research before consuming anything you don’t already know to be edible as different parts of a plant can be harmful or toxic while other parts are highly beneficial. And keep in mind that all our bodies react to things differently.

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Plant or Seed Packet

60 seeds


Best directly sown into the garden but can be carefully transplanted into the garden as a young plant.