Delicacy White Kohlrabi


60 days | The high quality, tender flesh of Delicacy White Kohlrabi stays tender even as they mature. Begin harvest when bulbs reach tennis ball size.



Kohlrabi is a pretty easy crop to grow. Give them so fertile soil and moisture and you’re golden. You can sow out kohlrabi seed or plants as soon as the weather warms enough for cool weather plants and as late as Early August.

I don’t have much problem with seeds in the brassica  family germinating, so if you are direct sowing, plant a seed every inch or so. Once they’ve germinated, you can thin varieties you plan on harvesting small to about 5 inches apart. If you are growing a larger variety, thin to about 9 inches.

When to harvest depends on the variety.

I love using Kohlrabi and Kale as an early season substitute for cabbage in slaw.

Cabbage worms tend to be the only pest I find on my Kohlrabi if any. They really aren’t much of a problem since they enjoy eating the leaves and we eat the “bulb” of the plant.

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Live Plants or Seed Packet

6-pk Plants, 400 seeds