Dragoon Lettuce


43 days | Dragoon is a mini romaine lettuce with thick, crisp leaves. This one packs a punch though; dense head hold well in the field. It’s tolerant to bolting and tip burn and has a high resistance to powdery mildew, nasonovia ribisnigri aphid, and tomato bushy stunt virus; as well as intermediate resistance to lettuce mosaic virus. All while being suitable for hydroponic systems.

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Like most greens, lettuce is best sown in the spring for an early summer crop or late summer as a fall crop. I like to succession plant my greens so that I always have some available without too much ready at one time. Who needs 50 heads of greens in one week? Don’t forget that many varieties of greens are fabulous as cut and come again greens. A great way to extend your harvest.

If you would like to have greens through the summer, consider planting some in part shade. I always have a small area of my garden where I plant greens for growing in the heat of summer. Remember to keep them well watered as they will dry out and wilt easily in the summer heat.

Lettuce is best picked in the morning before the heat of the day sets in. I bring my lettuce in right away after picking and place in a sink of cool water for a rinse. I then shake it dry and place it in a bag or container in the fridge. If for some reason I am unable to bring in right away, I place it in the shadiest, coolest place I can find outside so it doesn’t wilt. If I have a lot of produce to harvest, I leave things like lettuce and kale for last.

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