Dwarf Moringa


Dwarf Moringa seeds, a variety to grow as an annual in the north! Moringa is used as a leafy green that grows in a bush/tree like habit. It contains 46 antioxidants, 18 amino acids, heavy concentrations of vitamins and minerals and is a complete protein. I am so excited to grow this and dry it for smoothies in the winter time! Note, the roots are poisonous so don’t eat that part. This is a tropical plant and while it can be grown as an annual, I would recommend growing it in a container and bringing it in as a houseplant for winter.

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Moringa is a tropical plant that can be grown here in the north as an annual. I would highly recommend growing this one is a good sized container that can be moved indoors and cared for as a houseplant when the cold weather arrives.

Bringing it indoors not only gives you the ability to develop a more mature plant for the next growing season; it also allows you the benefit of potential fresh harvests throughout the winter months.


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