Helenor Rutabaga


90 days | Helenor, a new variety to our garden next season, said to have uniform roots, leading to larger yields of round roots. Flesh is light orange with sweet flavor. Said to store well and develop it’s color early on in its root development.



I started growing crops like Rutabaga, turnips, sweet potatoes, parsnips etc. because I wanted to add more variety to our winter fresh vegetable diet. I would recommend adding Rutabaga to your garden as well, if you are looking to add to your storage crops. The beautiful thing about Rutabaga, is they are quite frost hardy. Mine did well in the garden well past the first fall frosts.

Rutabagas are heavy feeders and I typically grow them in a block with about 9-12″ between each plant and rows about 18-24″ apart. They take up a good amount of space but in a 4×4 foot block you should harvest about 12 rutabaga which is a nice harvest. Normally, I direct sow my seed but this year I am going to compare the production of my direct sown plant to ones I’ve transplanted as small plants.

Here is a nice quick video giving you some good tips on growing rutabagas (swede).

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