Hill Country Red Okra


60-70 days | This is my favorite okra! Full flavored, beautiful fat pods that are perfect for slicing and frying. Fantastic for pickling and plants grow tall and strong. By the end of the season last year, mine were over 6 feet tall. Pods are tender up to about 4 inches. I also slice and dehydrate my extra for winter soups!

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Okra, a southern treat that is easily grown here in Minnesota! Plant last week in May well after the threat of cold weather has passed.

I plant mine 12-18″ apart.  water in well and mulch with grass clippings or straw. Okra grows quickly and should be check every day once it begins to produce a harvest.

To harvest, bring a clippers with you as you will need it to clip the okra from the plant. Okra grows on thick woody stems and while the stem of the okra pod itself is smaller, it is still very hard to break through without a pruners. I also recommend wearing garden gloves when picking as it can cause irritation on bare skin.

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