Japanese Minowase Daikon Radish


I love this radish! Japanese Minowase Daikon radish was a winner in our fall garden this year. Growing up to 24 inches long and 3 inches wide, these roots are sweet, crisp and fantastic anyway you want to use them. We ate them fresh and added them to our refrigerator pickle slaw. Absolutely delicious. We harvested ours before our first hard winter frost at about 12 inches long and 1.5″ wide.

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I love radish. Best grown in cool weather as crops grown in the heat of summer can be very spicy with woody flesh.

Plant radish seed about an inch apart in the early spring or mid-late summer. I thin mine as they develop their roots so I don’t waste them, harvesting the largest ones first, or every other one if they are of equal size.

I also enjoy leaving some in the ground for the summer after a spring planting. If you let radish go to seed they will produce these beautiful seed pods that are delicious when cooked up into a stir fry.

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200 seeds