Oregon Giant Snow Pea


60 days | Oregon Giant snow pea was new to me this year. It produced high yields of large, 4.5″ delicious pods. Vines reach about 30-36 inches and are incredibly disease resistant. I planted these as a fall trial crop with other varieties to see which would do well against powdery mildew and Oregon Giant stood the test even when those around it fell. Not to mention I don’t typically care for snow peas but these along with avalanche were meaty and delicious!

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I have a total love affair with peas fresh from the garden and not in just one form. I love pea shoots, snap peas, and shelling peas. One of the first things our kids ask about in the garden is when the garden candy will be ready.

My focus is never on putting shelled peas up for winter. One, they are usually eaten before they ever make it to the house. Two, you would need quite a lot of space to make it worth it. Unless of course, you’re putting up snap peas.

Many varieties will say they do not need to be trellised and I would say for most that is true, as long as you plant them in blocks, not just a row. I do feel like many varieties, especially snap peas, produce better if given a trellis to grow on. I’ve typically used any sort of 3-6ft fencing I have laying around. Alternatively, I’ve used a tall stakes with twine run between them. This works just as well and looks a bit prettier. Be sure to check each variety for height so you know what they’ll need to produce well.

If you choose to save your harvest for winter, I highly recommend freezing over pressure canning. Just give them a wash and blanch if you so choose. When they have drip dried a bit, I place them in freezer bags or vacuum seal bags and lay them flat in the freezer.

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