Patio Snacker F1 Cucumber


50-55 days | Patio Snacker is new to me but is said to be a great cucumber for container gardening! With vines that stay within an approximate 3′ radius it still produces a great harvest of 6-7″ long fruit. Crunchy, full flavored bitter-free fruit will, as with all cucumbers, be most productive when regularly picked.



Cucumbers grow just fine along the ground but I love growing them up a trellis. You save massive amounts of space in the garden to plant other crops and they are just beautiful growing towards the sky.

Put your trellis in plant when planting as cucumber grow quickly once germinated and it can quickly get away from you. Use anything you have laying around to grow them up. I have used old fencing, garden trellises, and currently use old wagon wheels. Vines will need a little encouragement to begin climbing your trellis but soon will do all the work themselves.

Harvesting cucumbers that are grown vertically is a breeze. You’ll wonder why you haven’t grown them this way sooner. Long, Japanese and European cucumbers will grow nice and straight when grown vertically.

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