Ping Tung Eggplant


70 days | This Chinese eggplant is my absolute favorite of all time. With fruit up to 18″ long Ping Tung is sweet, bitter free and delicious raw or cooked. Long and slender it makes a beautiful ornamental as well. This one will turn most eggplant haters into eggplant lovers.



Such beautiful plants, I scatter them all throughout the garden. They make beautiful specimens for edible landscaping and patio containers. If planted in a row, space them 18 inches apart. In that case, I’ll make that a double row, spacing them 2 feet from one another. They’ll fill in the space between, and you can pick from either side.

If you choose to use them in your containers or landscaping, they look absolutely beautiful planted with your favorite varieties of pole bean and ornamental vining crop. I love them combined with oregano and sedum ground covers.

Eggplants prefer full sun and I typically wait to plant them out until the last week of May. They are not frost/cold hardy so make sure you plant them out when it warms. Pick what’s left of your eggplant before the first fall frost.

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