Pusa Jamuni Radish


Pusa Jamuni is a nutrient dense radish with delicious spicy flavor and beauty to match! Antioxidant packed radish that will sometimes develop a fully white root. Pumped to try this variety next season. Best sown as a fall crop or an early spring crop in areas where you don’t have hot summers.

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I love radish. Best grown in cool weather as crops grown in the heat of summer can be very spicy with woody flesh.

Plant radish seed about an inch apart in the early spring or mid-late summer. I thin mine as they develop their roots so I don’t waste them, harvesting the largest ones first, or every other one if they are of equal size.

I also enjoy leaving some in the ground for the summer after a spring planting. If you let radish go to seed they will produce these beautiful seed pods that are delicious when cooked up into a stir fry.

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Seed Quantity

200 seeds