Queen Lime Orange Zinnia


Yet another Queen Lime Zinnia to swoon over. With a color palette of sherbet orange, coral and minty green, Queen Lime Orange is a fabulous addition to the garden. Tall plants with strong stems produce an abundance of 3-3.5″ blossoms all summer long. Long vase life.



Zinnias, the flower that keeps on giving.

I plant my zinnia seeds directly into the garden after the threat of frost has past and the soil has warmed. Plant seed 2-3″ apart and once sprouted thin them to about 6-9″ apart.

The variety Zinnias I offer grow quite large. When blossoms develop, feel free to freely pick them. I often pick enough for a bouquet, leaving some out in the garden to enjoy while outside. The more you pick your Zinnias, the more they will bloom for you! Not harvesting them will lead to less robust plants, providing you with less flowers. It is best to use some sort of clippers to harvest zinnias as they have tough hollow stems that damage easily if care is not taken.

When harvesting any flower variety, cut at an angle just above a set of two leaves. The plant will send new branches out where the stem meets those leaves.

I harvest Zinnias when they are about half open, but to be honest, I think they are beautiful at any stage and will pick them shortly after they open all the way to when they begin to loose their petals. They will last a long time in bouquets in the house.

Additional information

Seed Quantity

25 seeds