San Juan F1 Melon


78 days | San Juan is an Ananas type melon with heavily netted fruit weighing in around 4-5lbs. Said to have an aromatic sweet pear-like, slightly spicy flavor. Apparently when the weather is warm, this is one of the sweetest melons.

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Melons do not like their their roots disturbed. While here in Minnesota it is beneficial to start these ahead of time indoors, it’s also important not to start them too soon and to transplant out carefully.

Melons love warm weather, and in my experience, especially in our climate also are very prone to powdery mildew and wilt. Especially as cooler weather sets in come late summer. High fertility and sufficient irrigation can help.

When harvesting, many melons will slip easily from the vine when they are ripe. Many varieties I carry also change significantly in color when they are ripe. I’ve come to realize that even with my significant allergies, I can smell the perfume of a deliciously ripe melon.

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