Tosca Onion


Tosca is a Long Day storage onion that hales from the Czech Republic. Said to have strong, pungent flavor fantastic for cooking. This torpedo shaped onion have white, juicy flesh and brown skin.

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Onions, a staple for every garden. Unless of course you don’t use onions. Which you should.

You will receive your onion plants still in their soil block. This provides you the flexibility to plant them out when it’s convenient for you. Your onions stay healthy and keep growing rather than drying out. This is one huge benefit you won’t find anywhere else.

I plant my onions out as soon as the weather warms enough for cool weather plants. Onions don’t mind the cold one bit and the sooner you plant them out, the bigger onions you’ll harvest. I space mine 4″ apart in all directions. Don’t plant them too deep or you’ll restrict their ability to size up. Here is a great video explaining how to separate out your onion plants when you are ready to plant them

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