I am a firm believer in educating yourself through experience; so that you have to ability to do something for yourself rather than have someone else do it for you.

It helps that when I put my mind to something I dive in full force. I am very much a deal with things as they come sort of human. That being said, I also know that isn’t how everyone functions. That is why here at Developing Roots Studio there are multiple ways to get your feet wet, and they all allow you to become better educated in garden practices best suited to your growing area. Some are more of a tip toe while others allow for a head first sort of dive. Making this small investment, will provide you with an expanse of knowledge and experience that will benefit you now and in the future. And you will continue to develop what you’ve learned for years to come. 

That investment can come in many forms. The greatest investment is time. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of gardening. Many things you learn will come from trial and error. Okay, mostly from errors. In the resource section of this website you’ll find loads of information that will help you along the way. The resources consist of everything from book and youtubers to some of my favorite tools and places to purchase seed. In The Blog section I’ll often leave tips and insights to help you along the way.


It’s been said that it only takes two generations for a skill to be lost.

I believe we are seeing that come true now. There are numerous children, and adults, who have no idea where their food comes from or how to prepare it. Does the movie WALL-E come to mind for anyone but me? However, I also believe there is great hope and that many have the desire to walk away from this life style into one filled with food that can fuel the body and soul. Below you will find additional resources I offer to help you in this journey. I truly do believe it is the best investment you can make for you and the generations to come.

Leta Jacobs

Leta Jacobs

Owner | Designer | Gardener

Leta Jacobs is a thirty something year old, wife, mother of four, ministry leader, gardener, graphic designer with a passion for living life to the fullest. She believes that one person really can make a difference and that the seemingly small, insignificant decisions we make each day multiply exponentially in the future.

She chooses to live a life that serves the Lord with great joy and intention, searching for all the beauty along the way. She also believes deeply that her garden should be on auto pilot most of the time so she can go on vacation to far off places, spend time chasing her kids around and enjoy cocktails around the campfire.