Here’s the nitty-gritty y’all. Not my favorite part of business but an important part. Please read thoroughly so nothing catches you by surprise.


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By accessing, purchasing or using this site,,  in anyway you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions as stated by the company Design by Leta, whether or not you decide to become a registered user. Design by Leta reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions for Developing Roots at anytime. You are solely responsible for regularly reviewing said terms and conditions at By accessing or engaging this site in anyway you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these terms and conditions.

While Developing Roots website is meant to educate and inspire, not everything on this site will benefit all those who view it. Each individual and said individuals situations are different and have different needs. Design by Leta is not responsible for any consequences that may occur do to the application of content from the Developing Roots website. You are fully responsible for anything you put into action based on advice you read at It is recommended by Design by Leta that you take into consideration your personal location, climate, growing conditions, mental and physical health when beginning a new garden or redesign an old one. While some of this is common sense, some great places to gain information pertaining to your local growing conditions are your local extension office and Master Gardeners, the man/woman down the street that’s been gardening for decades, a local nursery, and your grandparents or parents. Places to contact to decide if you are physically/mental able to perform the tasks you plan on implementing are you doctor, spouse, children, parents etc.


Returns for Goods Sold

Due to the nature of items sold by Design by Leta through the Developing Roots Studio website, Design by Leta will not issue returns on plant starts, educational resources, garden plans, or any other goods sold. If Design by Leta feels that there is reason to offer a refund, one will be issued but it is not common practice to do so.


Custom Design Work

Prior to the purchase of products involving custom design work, you will receive a final proof of the design for review. Once the final proof has been reviewed and approved by the purchaser, the order will be processed. Due to the nature of these products, once the order is processed any changes made to the design/product will be subject to any additional charges necessary to make said changes, as well as incur the cost of any products that have already been purchased/produced.

Design by Leta is not responsible for the quality and/or condition of any products you purchase to use in your garden not sold by Design by Leta. You, the client, will need to contact the distributor of said products if the need to do so arises.

It is my ultimate goal that you are happy with your final design so even though these are my policies, know that I do anything I feel appropriate to keep our relationship in good standing.


Compliance with Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

When accessing the site, you agree to comply with all copyright and intellectual property rights. You agree not to upload, download, use, display or distribute any information, content, and imagery along with anything else that may be in violation of said copyright and intellectual property rights. You agree to abide by these laws and be solely responsible for any violations that may occur.

All images, content and design work on Developing Roots and are copyrighted property of Design by Leta and may not be reproduced or used without prior consent or purchase of the rights to said images and content.



Please know, it is my ultimate goal that you are successful when gardening, so even though these are my policies, know that I do everything I feel possible and within reason, to keep our relationship in good standing.

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