These are some of my favorite homesteading YouTubers. If you need some general how-to info or a bit of inspiration, check these out. If you have little kids, they will love these as well. It’s a great way to get them excited about going into the garden as well. These are in no specific order. I will mark the ones that are my favs.

Happen Films

DOUBLE FAVORITE | If I were to pick an absolute favorite channel, this would be right up there as number one. An amazing channel to be inspired and learn about alternative ways of living. You must check this one out.

Charles Dowding

FAVORITE | This YouTube channel is filled with information on the no dig gardening method, composting, and loads of vegetable gardening information. He has also written multiple books if that’s something that interests you.

The Elliot Homestead

FAVORITE | I think this couple lives in one of my dream spaces. They really bring out the romance in growing your own food and doing your best to enjoy what you’ve grown. Lots of inspiration and great recipes. They also wrote a few books.

Grown to Cook

I like this womans channel. She is very calming to listen to and has great information regarding her experience growing different varieties of vegetables and in polycultures.


FAVORITE| This channel is a husband and wife living on a homestead in North Carolina. Great information to glean and fun for the kiddos to watch as well.

Fruition Seeds

If you’re looking for some quick how to’s on growing specific vegetables or flowers, this is a good resource. Videos are short and to the point. Most are under five minutes long.

Guildbrook Farm

FAVORITE | If you are interested, as I am, in learning about off grid living, preserving food and alternatives to traditional cleaning/hygenine products this is a fantastic channel to follow.

Huw Richards – Organic Gardening

A great channel with a broad range of topics to explore. I believe his family runs a plant nursery. He is based in the UK but much of his information is just as applicable for the northern United States.

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

If you think you are interested in becoming a market gardener. This is the channel for you. No other explanation necessary. A great resource.

Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL

This guy does exactly what I would love to do for a living but in a more tropical climate. An edible landscaper in Florida his channel is a must watch if you are looking for a bit of inspiration.


FAVORITE | I love this channel and it also happens to be who I purchase one of my fertilizers from. They also sell seeds and other garden things. Fantastic how to’s for growing your own food. He does like to ramble a bit but I don’t mind that so much.

The Suburban Homestead

I love this guys videos. Produced in a very artful manner, they very much appeal to the artist, designer in me. He gardens in a suburban area and experiments with different growing techniques. He also shows you how he uses what he grows.

OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic

FAVORITE | I would highly recommend this channel if you are looking to grow food in an urban setting with not as much sun. A fantastic veg growing resource when you are short on space and sun.

Grow Veg

This company has some great tutorials and growing guides on all types of fruits and vegetables. They are done in a concise step by step manner and are easy to understand. This company, Territorial Seeds, also happens to be my go to place for an online garden planner.

Rare Seeds

FAVORITE | This is the YouTube channel for my favorite seed company Baker Creek. They have gobbs of videos all about the different seeds they sell. If you are interested in learning more about certain varieties of fruit and veg this is the place to be!

Justin Rhodes

FAVORITE | This may be the most comprehensive channel when learning to grow your own food. Creator of the Great American Farm Tour, if you haven’t watched every episode of that series you are seriously missing out. Not only are they a wealth of knowledge but if they don’t know the answer to a question, they’ll find someone who does.

Garden Answer

I don’t watch this one quite as much because I’ve steered more in the direction of edible landscaping but if you are interested in more decorative perennial landscaping, this is a fun channel.

Roots and Refuge Farm

FAVORITE | This woman may love her garden as much as I love mine. She has great information on growing fruits and vegetables, she loves the Lord and is so much fun to watch her gush over the garden.