Gardening Courses

They’ve finally arrived! The long awaited gardeing courses. I’ve done my best to break these up into sections of interest so you can focus in on the areas benefit your needs most. They can be purchased individually or as a bundle. Once purchased, you will have access to the course material indefinitely as well as any content that is added and updated over time. All of these courses have a live event offered with them that you can attend to ask all your questions and build some community. Start a gardening binder or grab a notebook, and let’s prepare for an exciting and successful gardening season!

Garden Planning Course | Workshop

In this course we will dive into a wide variety of topics to give your garden the best chance for success this growing season and in the future. Building a solid foundation is key to providing significant amount of food for your family, lowering stress throughout the season, and enjoying rather than despising your time in the garden. We’ll also hold a live workshop for planning your garden.

Visit the course page for more specifics and to purchase.

Growing Storage Crops | Food Security Course

Growing food that can be stored long term is especially important for those of us in the north that cannot grow year round without the help of a heated greenhouse. In this course, you’ll learn how I grow and store food for our family that we can eat until the next growing season and beyond.

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Planting | Maintenance | Harvest Gardening Course

Here we will dive deep into a wide variety of topics regarding planting, maintenance throughout the season, and harvest. We’ll focus on general topics of weed control, irrigation, how and when to plant etc., but we will also dive into different types of crops and how to care for them. This is definitely the most comprehensive course I will be offering.

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