Developing Roots goal has always been to do two things; help people grow food and to provide a place for people to break free from the pressures of life and into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Up until now, these things happened in my backyard; mostly developing my own roots, edible and spiritual. Now, there is a place for this to happen on a greater scale out in the community.

Enter, the Greenhouse.

It came to my attention as I began outgrowing my garage space, and with many promptings from the Lord, that it may be time to take a leap of faith and ask about renting the old greenhouse attached to Gathering Friends Quilt Shop. And just like that, a new adventure begins!

It appears as though my life has always been about taking what is tragic, hard, ugly and watching God turn it isn’t something beautiful. It’s a process that forces one to develop deep roots. This takes time and in my experience, is best accomplished in the garden with your hands in the dirt. Taking this old, run down greenhouse and transforming it into a beautiful gathering place feels very much like an outward expression of the change that has taken place inside of my soul throughout the years.

So, what will be happening at the greenhouse and when will it be open?

Well, it will be open to serve as a place for you to pick up your vegetable plant/seed orders! It will also be open for sales of vegetable plants if you did not pre-order, giving you an opportunity to come and talk with me about what varieties are available, and what will work best for your garden. I am beyond excited about this, and am hoping to be open by April 17th.

The greenhouse will also be a beautiful gathering place for individuals needing a quiet space, ministry and small group gatherings, and educational classes on growing your own food. It will be a place one can pop in when you need a listening ear. Or perhaps, you are the one needing a place to stop, and listen. It will also be the location where you will pick up your Online Farmers Market Produce. A perfect location as you can kill two birds with one stone. Stop by the grocery store to grab what you need there. Then swing by the greenhouse to pick up your produce. The ultimate goal is to be open year-round, but realistically for this year, I’m hoping to be open through late fall.

Loads of hard work ahead.

I’m overwhelmed by the thought of taking what’s falling to pieces, and creating something beautiful out of it. Right now, it will be a great healing process for me for many reasons. I also feel blessed that in the midst of an uncertain time, we have the opportunity to show that hope is not lost, that God is still on the throne, and that we can rise up and allow ourselves to be used by him to serve those around us. We are praising God that in the midst of all this that am able to continue working on this project. I am certain it will bring nourishment to all of our souls and our bellies.

Current Orders and Availability

If you have already placed an order with me for plants, I will be in touch with you shorty regarding specific details on when they will be ready for pick up. It’s looking like a normal spring! I will be sending seed orders by mail if you have cool weather crops in your order. If you haven’t placed an order yet, consider doing so online, here. This ensures the best selection before plants sales open at the greenhouse. You can place your order now and pay at pick up. That being said, if you’re like me, it’s hard to not walk through the greenhouse to hand pick more plants for your garden. There will also be a handful of varieties at the greenhouse that are not on the website.

It is getting harder to source seeds as many seed suppliers are selling out. They are restocking as quickly as possible but they simply sell out right away again. The demand is so high. I have been able to secure shipment of a significant amount of seed. Seed quantities will be updated on the website as the shipments arrive. I will be adding some additional varieties and restocking sold out items in the next week or two. My desire is to always source the highest quality seed for my family and yours. I have no intention on sacrificing that quality by purchasing an inferior product that I would not otherwise plant in my own garden.

So as always, may your thumbs always be green and when they aren’t, may there always be a farmers market near by.