Garden Planning Course

Course Material Release Date is April 11th, 2022. Course material will be sent via email along with a link for the live stream event you choose during purchase.

With grocery prices soaring, items not always available, more and more families are looking to provide a little bit of relief by growing a garden, and I couldn’t agree more with this decision. However, a successful gardening season starts with a solid planning season. While this course is from a northern gardener’s perspective, the content is useful for anyone and everyone looking to grow in any situation, location, size etc.

Who should take this course?

You’ll benefit from this course if you:

  • are a new gardener and need a solid foundation to have a successful growing season.
  • always feel as though you’re limping along all season in your current garden.
  • can’t make your mind up between container, in-ground or raised bed gardens.
  • feel like you can make better use of your space, but don’t know where to start.
  • wish your garden was beautiful AND productive.
  • would love someone to bounce your garden plan off of, but don’t know who to ask.
  • need help narrowing down what to grow to provide the most benefit to your grocery budget.

What subjects will the course cover?

Each of these topics will contain a wealth of information in and of themselves, but here is a general outline of the course itself. Each of these topics will be covered by video class, many of which will have coordinating class notes in the form of a downloadable pdf.

Container vs. In-Ground Gardening vs. Raised Beds

    • The advantages and disadvantages of container gardening.
    • The advantages and disadvantages of raised beds.
    • The advantages and disadvantages of in ground gardening.
    • Sourcing amendments, fertilizers, soil etc.

Planning the Location of Your Garden

    • Deciding where your garden will be located.
    • Measuring the space and monitoring the sunlight hours of different areas.
    • Other things to consider when choosing where to locate your garden.

Choosing What to Grow and Where to Purchase Seeds/Plants

    • What are your goals for providing food for your household?
    • What does your family like to eat and what can you grow to supplement those meals?
    • Where should you purchase seeds?
    • How to store your extra garden seeds for years to come.

Planning the Layout of Your Garden

    • How do I plan our garden (apps, pen & paper etc.)
    • Small vs. Large Gardens
    • Utilizing structural elements in your garden.
    • What crops are the best use of your space?
    • Planting & Succession Planting
    • Garden plan with me during the live stream!

Prepare for Implementation

    • What do you need to purchase or build ahead of time?
    • Making a list of when things need to be planted.
    • Preparing for the harvest season.

    BONUS Live Stream Event!

    On top of the load of incredible content already offered through this course, there will also a live stream event where we’ll go over some of the content, I’ll do scome screen sharing of how I plan for our large garden, you can ask all the questions you’d like about planning your own garden! Not to mention the opportunity to build some community and make some connections. This live stream will be recorded and added to the course content so you have access to it as well. End up not being able to attend the live stream you signed up for? No worries! You will still benefit from everyone else’s questions and conversations.

    Don’t miss this opportunity.

    After the initial launch of the Garden Planning Course, Growing Storage Crops Course and the Planting|Maintenance|Harvest Course, regular live stream events will not be offered so take advantage of these opportunities today! I promise it will be well worth the investment.