Growing Storage Crops Course | Food Security

Course Material Release Date is April 18th, 2022. Course material will be sent via email along with a link for the live stream event you choose during purchase.

If any good has come from the last couple of years, it’s that people everywhere realized the importance of having food on the shelves in their own homes. Even better if that food can come from a few seeds you planted in your own garden, a friends garden, or a local farmers. In this course, you’ll gain knowledge on how to do just that.

Who should take this course?

You’ll benefit from this course if you:

  • are concerned with food security.
  • feel your shelves are filled with delicious home preserved condiments, but lack in things to fill your belly.
  • would like to eat from your garden longer than just during the growing season.
  • live in a northern climate like I do and can only grow food for a limited amount of time.
  • are new to food preservation and don’t know where to start.
  • feel like you don’t have the right conditions to store food long term.
  • are interested in extending your growing season.
  • want to learn more about eating seasonally.
  • are interested in bulk buying pantry staples.

What subjects will the course cover?

Each of these topics will contain a wealth on information in and of themselves, but here is a general outline of the course itself. Each of these topics will be covered by video class many of which will have coordinating class notes in the form of a downloadable pdf.

Why Should You Grow Storage Crops

    • Eating Seasonally | Season Extension
    • Food Security
    • Health and Nutrition
    • The Importance of Growing Calorie Crops

Types of Storage Crops and Ways to Store Them

    • What is a storage crop?
    • Different types of Cold Storage
    • Other Types of Food Storage
    • Purchasing in Bulk to Supplement Your Food Supply

Knowing What to Grow

    • Choosing the right varieties for storage.
    • Growing What You Eat
    • What do I grow in our garden and how do we store those crops?
    • What are my favorite varieties for long term storage?
    • Where can you purchase seeds and plants for storage crops?
    • Perennial Crops
    • Medicinal Crops
    • What crops are the best use of your space?
    • How do your store seeds long term?

Planting and Harvest

    • Extending Your Harvest with Succession Planting
    • Timing Your Harvests Properly
    • Knowing When to Harvest for Different Types of Storage
    • Types of Season Extension

      BONUS Live Stream Event!

      Growing and storing food for long term storage, while similar for all in many ways, is also unique to your household situation. I would highly recommend trying to make the live event date you choose for this course so you have the opportunity to ask questions that may better address your particular needs. However, as with the other courses, these live streams will be recorded and added to the course content for future reference. Due to how strongly I feel about you having the ability to attend a live stream, I have offered a number of different date options when registering.

      Don’t miss this opportunity.

      After the initial launch of the Garden Planning Course, Growing Storage Crops Course and the Planting|Maintenance|Harvest Course, regular live stream events will not be offered so take advantage of these opportunities today! I promise it will be well worth the investment.