All varieties are sold as individual plants.

All seeds have been sourced from companys and non-profits dedicated to growing naturally, the preservation of plant diversity and the environment. All growing mediums, soils, and fertilizers are approved for organic gardening.


There are many reasons to plan your garden prior to the planting season. Improved production, developing a healthy eco sysytem, and enhancing beauty are just a few of them. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  


Absorbing as much knowledge as possible about gardening, plant biology, and ecosystems brings me so much joy and excitement. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a nerd that way. Second to this, is passing on that knowledge. Sure, I could grow loads of extra food and sell it at the farmers market, but I would much rather see someone learn how to grow it themselves.

My Garden Journal

The garden has long been a place for me to get away from it all. I often spend my Sabbaths out there, listening to the quiet voice of the Lord. I’ve learned many things about life while caring for the garden, and The Blog is the place where I journal much of that. I’m not the best at actually posting there. I once thought if I ever had a website that was just a blog, I’d have to title it, The Inconsistant Writings of a Girl. And have I ever mentioned I really dont’ like the word blog?